Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

At A-SAP Recruitment we recognize that each client has unique needs. We are interested in your specific needs and we aim to offer the services that you need, how you need them and when you need them. We do not want to impose one specific business model, because we don't believe in "one size fits all". This is why we offer different service models that you can chose from.

Success fee Permanent Recruitment 
This type of agreement is most suitable for small recruitment projects where only 1 or 2 vacancies need to be filled. We take care of the entire process and you only need to chose the most suitable candidate. Success fee is paid after the candidate is hired. A 6 month replacement warranty provides you with a degree of assurance and a reasonable time to assess the person's suitability in the role.

Contract/Temporary Recruitment 
Staffing needs are not always of a permanent nature. We understand that you sometimes need a contractor in order to complete a project with a tight deadline. We have access to a large pool of IT Contractors and you can rest assured that we will find the most suitable people for your project. We are flexible in terms of administrative options: the freelancer can be on your own payroll, on our payroll, or on a payroll of a third party.

In an increasingly tight labor market an active approach to candidates becomes more important to remain successful in recruiting. The searching for candidates is a skill in itself. We offer these searching services according to a contract for a determined period. We ensure you delivery by means of weekly progress reports. An upfront agreement will be made about the amount of vacancies and the desired resumes per vacancy.

Recruitment Outsourcing 
This cooperation agreement is most suitable for companies that have more vacancies that need to be filled. This agreement allows you to outsource your recruitment efforts and to achieve bigger efficiency. The Recruitment Outsourcing will allow you to recruit a large number of employees in a short period of time and also improve and extend your recruitment processes. You will benefit of the extended search capacity that we can offer through our offices in Slovakia and Romania. You can use our experience in the areas of recruitment strategy, process improvement, social media and corporate branding.

Rent a Recruiter / Interim Recruitment 
Renting a Recruiter offers you the possibility to use the services of experienced senior executive recruiters and talent researchers to work for you on an assignment by assignment, hourly rate basis.

International Recruitment and Relocation Services 
We can offer assistance in the relocation of personnel from all over the world to the country where you have the need for new employees. We take care of the work permit and residence permit for the candidate and the family. We can also help with language and culture courses that can help the employee integrate easier in your organization.

About A-SAP Recruitment

A-SAP Recruitment is a new company that has a fresh and innovative approach on recruitment. This approach focuses mainly on professional networks (Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo, etc) that offer access to the most experienced candidates globally.

We deliver specialized high quality recruitment services in the ERP niche, focusing mainly on respected organizations at European level, but also Asia, Americas, Middle East. We are maintaining a personal relationship with both candidates and clients, we understand their needs and ambitions and we are recognised as trusted advisors. Our structured processes allow us to reach the goals agreed with our clients in a transparent and efficient manner.

1. Experience and Quality
Our expert recruiters have an unrivaled market knowledge.

2. Access to suitable candidates
We have more than 30.000 SAP Consultants in our internal database. Access to more than600.000 SAP professionals on LinkedIn.

3. Global Reach
Our network of contacts covers the entire world. 

4. Efficient Advertising
We are experts in using the most efficient advertising methods to attract the very best candidates.

5. Attractive Financial Conditions
Our rates and fees are on the average lower than the rates of other recruitment companies in this industry.

6. Personal Touch
We always have a personal relationship with all our clients and all our candidates.

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