Qual-IT-y Solutions

Partnership with Qual-IT-y Solutions


Qual-IT-y Solutions and A-SAP Recruitment decided in October 2010 to start a strategic partnership and have a joined proposotion for clients interested in recruitment services.

Because of our recent growth and our partnership with Quality Solutions we can help even the biggest and the most urgent recruitment projects. We have a total capacity of 20 Recruiters and Consultants that can quickly build-up a solid pipeline of candidates for your needs.

Founded in 2001, Qual-IT-y Solutions is specialized in global sourcing and recruiting of professionals in IT, (Investment) Banking and Insurance.
They have strong expertise not only in identifying IT professionals, but also in convincing and helping them to move to the Netherlands or other countries in Western Europe or North America.

Besides the office in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Qual-IT-y Solutions also has an office in Zilina, Slovakia.

You can find out more about Qual-IT-y Solutions on their website:

Each of the 2 companies have their specific advantages and by working together, we can build upon these strengths and offer to our clients a much more attractive proposition:

Key People

Cezar Maroti worked for 5 years in the SAP Recruitment market for several Recruitment companies in different European countries, being now based in the Netherlands.
Jana Žižková worked for more than 2 years in the Human Resources department of SAP AG in Slovakia.
 Sidney Hiele is founder of Quality Solutions and one of the most experienced global recruiters in Europe. A visionary in the field and a member of several advisory boards on international recruitment.
 Erik Hollander is a very experienced global IT recruiter and creator of a number of innovative recruitment concepts. 

Why would you work with us?

1. Experience and Quality
Our expert recruiters have an unrivaled market knowledge.

2. Access to suitable candidates
We have more than 30.000 SAP Consultants in our internal database. Access to more than 600.000 SAP professionals on LinkedIn.

3. Global Reach
Our network of contacts covers the entire world. 

4. Efficient Advertising
We are experts in using the most efficient advertising methods to attract the very best candidates.

5. Attractive Financial Conditions
Our rates and fees are on the average lower than the rates of other recruitment companies in this industry.

6. Personal Touch
We always have a personal relationship with all our clients and all our candidates.