Cezar Maroti - Interim Recruiter available for new contracts in EMEA

International Contract Recruiter

I'm available for a new fixed term contract on-site.
I can relocate immediately anywhere in EMEA.

Contact me if you need an interim recruiter.

Mobile: +31-617 651 891
GTalk: cezar.maroti@gmail.com
Skype: cezar.maroti

Cezar is an International Recruiter with 7 years of experience in IT Recruitment. He is specialized in SAP
Recruitment and he has a good understanding of the SAP world, but he also has experience and knowledge
about other areas in IT (Oracle, JDEdwards, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, Siebel, Cognos, Java, Microsoft .Net,
middleware, etc.).
Cezar is well prepared to work with people from different cultures. He understands the cultural differences and
can facilitate a smooth process for international recruitment. He is specialized in recruiting international
candidates for multinational companies in Europe.

Career direction
Cezar's background and interests recommend him for an international freelance recruiter job. From this
position he wants to bring an important contribution to the success of a highly regarded organization with
international presence. He is especially interested in organizations in the IT&C and Energy sectors as he
believes that energy and information will shape our world's future in this century.

Recruiting for IT positions: SAP, Oracle, .Net, Java, Salesforce.com, Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Business
Objects, Cognos, ERP, CRM, BI. International network of clients and candidates: Europe, Middle East, North
America, Asia, etc.


International IT and SAP Recruiter at A-SAP International Recruitment
International: September 2009 - present (3 years)
www.asaprec.com - I am the owner of A-SAP, a company that specializes in international recruitment
· Interim Recruiter assignments for international clients in Europe
· Recruiting for diverse sectors, mainly IT and engineering, but also sales, finance, etc.
· Contract and permanent staffing for organizations mainly in Europe, but also North America and MENA
· Hiring and coaching new Recruiters in the team

Interim Contract – International SAP Recruiter at SR72 Ltd
International: June 2012 - present (3 months)
www.sr72.co.uk - SR72 is a UK based international Recruitment company with a focus on IT and SAP.
· Staffing for SAP projects in EMEA
· Sourcing and negotiating with the SAP Contractors
· Working closely with the in-house recruitment team at the client's site

Interim Contract - EMEA Recruitment Manager at Progress Software (Claddagh Resources)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands: November 2011 - February 2012 (4 months)
www.progress.com - Progress is an American Software company that sells business applications: SOA, RPM,
· Recruitment for sales, presales and technical positions
· Responsible for nearly all the recruitment in EMEA (focus on UK, Benelux, Germany, France, Italy, Spain)
· Working with the HR department and with the hiring mangers to improve the recruitment processes
· Involved in all stages of the recruitment process, from defining the job req to offer negotiation
· Managing a team of off-site recruiters and also the relationship with the other recruitment agencies

International SAP Recruiter at Eclectic
Breda, the Netherlands: December 2007 - September 2009 (1 year 10 months)
www.eclectic.eu - Eclectic is a highly professional player in the SAP and Microsoft niche.
· Worked with clients and candidates from all-over the world
· Account management for large organizations
· Developed an international network of personal contacts in the SAP world
· Using extensively professional networking sites and other new tools for sourcing passive candidates
· Specialized in approaching SAP specialists from all-over the world, qualifying them and advising them all
the way through the recruitment process (including offer and relocation)

Recruitment Consultant at Catalyst Solutions
Bucharest, Romania: February 2006 – November 2007 (1 year 10 months)
www.hipo.ro - Catalyst was a start-up company specialized in Recruitment and Employer Branding Solutions.
· Recruiting for different positions, with main emphasis on technical positions (SAP, Oracle, .Net, Java)
· Organized Management Trainee Programs (advertising, application management, online tests,
interviews, assessment center)
· Developed and used innovative sourcing methods for difficult positions
· Preparing and organizing the biggest career fair in Romania with more than 100 companies and about
15.000 young professionals participating

National Vice-President at AIESEC Romania
Bucharest, Romania: January 2005 – February 2006 (1 year 2 months)
www.aiesec.org/romania - AIESEC is the world's largest student organization.
· Part of a 7 people team managing an organization with 1500 members, involved in the decision making
process on all areas, designing long term strategies
· Romania was recognized as the best performing AIESEC country in the world
· Conference manager, trainer and facilitator at national and international conferences
· Coordinated 3 national recruitment projects with almost 1000 people recruited in total
Marketing and Sales Analyst at Megatrend
Budapest, Hungary: July 2004 – January 2005 (7 months)
www.megatrend.hu - Megatrend is one of the largest companies in the ERP sector in Eastern Europe.
· Marketing research concerning the use of ERP systems in Romanian companies
· Involved in designing the marketing and selling strategy for Romanian market
· Account management for Romanian companies
· Organized PR events for specific industry sectors

Local Vice-President at AIESEC Iasi
Iasi, Romania: March 2002 – April 2004 (2 years)
· Part of a 7 people team managing an organization with 70 members at local level
· AIESEC Iasi was recognized as the best performing local committee in AIESEC Romania network
· Increased the results of my department almost 10 times in 2 years

2001 - 2005 “Al. I. Cuza” University – Iasi
· Graduate of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
· Diploma work: “International cultural influences on Human Resource Management”
1997 - 2001 “Don Orione” High school – Oradea
· Computer Science – Graduation Exam (Baccalaureate): 9.51 (out of 10)



Native language


Fluent, professional

(worked for 4 years in the Netherlands and 7 years international context)


(studied 10 years in school, currently refreshing my knowledge)

Spanish, Italian

Basic (on-going self study)

Hungarian, Dutch

Basic (lived in Hungary and in the Netherlands)

IT consulting, SAP, Microsoft, ORACLE, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Recruiting, Outsourcing, Progam Manager,
Project Manager, PMP, Staffing, SAP Resourcing, SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP CFM, SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP

74 people have recommended Cezar

"After having worked with Cezar within the EclectiC organization I did not hestitate to come back to him
later on as a supplier. I have used the services of Cezar for supporting us especially in recruiting hard to find
professionals within the SAP market.Cezar has a high qualified SAP network and manage the search and
selection process for external clients perfecly.Throughout the complete process Cezar is a very responsive
and reliable partner.Cezar always provides us with good candidates with relevant skill and experience to
satisfy our needs and expectations. All in all, I have no hesitation in recommending Cezar to any company
who is looking for experienced SAP Consultants (perm / temp)."
— Constance Droubay, was Cezar's client
"Cezar provide us a punctual service with deep knowledge of the requirements we looked for."
— Ronchi Patrizio, was Cezar's client
"His involvement, reliability and client focus has given us the stable business partner in uncertain times
anyone could wish for. We are now looking forward with confidence to a successful second half year. Frank"
— Frank van den Wollenberg, Partner, ConeXium International, was with another company when working
with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"Unfortunately I didn't have the chance of working for a long period of time with Cezar, as it was a project
base collaboration, but as much as I had the chance of knowing him I can tell he is a very ambitious,
commited, and perseverent individual. He astonished me with his networking abilities ( as he seemed to know
eveyone, everywhere), and also with his technical background. He proved to be hands on, ready to pull his
sleeves and get the work done, with a sharp and very analitical mind. He was very attentive to details, patient
when needed, persuasive otherwise. He has strong communication and presentation skills, was direct, serios,
a great teamplayer."
— Loreda Dragomir - Theodorescu, Chief Operating Officer, Stanton Chase International, was with
another company when working with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"I meat Cezar several years ago when we both were working at Catalyst Recruitment Solutions mainly on
SAP projects. I must say that even back then he was pushing his limits and succeeded in finding the right
professional for his projects. He then took the next challenge and went on working abroad for an international
company, focused 100% on SAP projects. Now, Cezar decided in putting all his know how and expertise into
his own company, doing what he knows best...SAP recruitment ! Knowing Cezar, I support his endeavor and
advise you to take a chance for you will not be disappointed. Scout's honor! Tibi"
— Tibi Borza, Senior Recruitment and Selection Consultant, Catalyst Solutions, was with another company
when working with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"Being colleagues at Catalyst was not my first opportunity to work with Cesar. He was also the national
vice-president in an international student-run organization, coaching the local department i was responsible
of. I remember his distinctive intelligence of understanding global reality, an overview which gave him the
power to adapt accordingly the local direction. This quality enabled the access to a world of opportunities,
increasing the quality of the final result. A positive person, willing to bring added value anytime it is in his
— Alis Brebu, Business Developer, Catalyst Recruitment Solutions, worked with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"Cezar is a hard-working guy, always trying to identify the exact spot where his work will have the most
added value for the customer. He does not easily give up and is a pleasant guy to work with."
— Adrian Arsene, Software developer, MultimediaBrains, was with another company when working with
Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"If you want to have some excellent recruitment service than work with Cezar Maroti. I recommend it
heartily. A young entrepreneur that has found a good market niche. Cezar is intelligent, open minded and
visionary and he always manages to find solutions best suited to the needs of its customers."
— Flaviu Porojan, Presedinte, AIESEC ORADEA, worked directly with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment
"Cezar is a proactive and a hard-working team player. He is goal driven, passionate and very ambitious in
everything he sets his mind to. It is a pleasure to work with him!"
— Florin Iamandi, was Cezar's client
"Cezar is a person with strong communication skills, results-oriented, expert in his area of interest, with a
passion for excellence in everything related with HR."
— Dimitrie-Daniel Placinta, was Cezar's client
"I've known Cezar since I joined AIESEC, during my first years of studies at UAIC. As an Exchange
programme leading promoter he proved to be a tenacious worker, dedicated to students who joined the
programme and striving to satisfy the companies who employed them. I strongly recommend Cezar as he is
focused on matching the right people with the right job!"
— Alin Butnarasu, Student, Universitatea 'Alexandru Ioan Cuza' din Iasi, worked with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"While in Catalyst, Cezar handled projects for major IT clients with high efficiency and excellent results. His
strengths are the ability to identify alternative sourcing methods and good networking abilities which result in
identification of candidates otherwise inactive on the job market."
— Ana Giurca, Business Development Manager, Catalyst Solutions, managed Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment
"Cezar is a very reliable and trustfull worthy individual. He shows up a high ethical and honest conduct
proved over the years. Not the last, he is a high professional committed to his work with a deep sense of duty.
I highly recommend Cezar to all those interested by his talents."
— Doru Constantin-Buliga, SAP Technical Consultant, IT Management Services Delivery Centre, was with
another company when working with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"Cezar is in top three the brightest and most visionary people I met so far!"
— Alexandra Ursu, Student, RSM Erasmus University, worked with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"Cezar is one of the most professional and ambitious persons I've met so far. He is a hard working person,
determined and able to bring qualitative results. I sincerely recommend Cezar as I have full trust that he will
do an excellent job and overachieve any expectations in all his activities."
— Teodora Popa, Sales consultant, ING, was with another company when working with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"Cezar is one of the most proactive people that I know. He has a lot of initiative and he also has great capacity
to work. He is a person who wants to be actively involved in the community and I admire that."
— Alexandru Constantin, Coach & Trainer, de Bono Thinking Systems certified trainer, MindMaster, was
with another company when working with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"I had the opportunity to work with Cezar on different project's in the HR field. Cezar is a highly driven and
innovative specialist who doesn't spare any effort to deliver the results for the client. I strongly recommend
him as a valuable partener. Yours sincerely, Bogdan Drugan"
— Bogdan Drugan, Telematics product manager, Decod Security, was with another company when working
with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"I had the opportunity to get to know Cezar while we were both in AIESEC. He is a hard working person,
focus on results. I recommend him for his great experience in recruitment."
— Hermina Man, Vice President HR, AIESEC Tg.Mures, worked directly with Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment
"I have had the opportunity of working with Cezar on more than one occasion and I can endorse his
professional way of tackling every project. He has great knowledge, resources and network in the SAP area,
being able to deliver in short notice professionals fit for the hardest profiles, internally and internationally. He
is a great service provider and I trustingly recommend him."
— Monica Nica, was Cezar's client
"Cezar is a passionate individual, with wide perspectives over the world and the capacity to read the trends
and act accordingly.. He-s also very proffesional in his work."
— Iulian Boia, Vicepresident Corporate Relations, AIESEC Iasi, worked directly with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"My contact with Cezar MAROTI was a very professional from the point of view of a new entrepreneur in
the HR world, as we know talent management means a lot in the in society now a days therefore i have
chosen Cezar as an mentor. He is a example dedicated to helping talent managers become the "architects" of
their future organization. As young entrepreneur he has offered me his knowledge gained while working
abroad in the HR area, many tips and tricks about what talent management really means outside of on
international NGO. As an recruiter and Headhunter for ADECCO I have gained some experience but by
working with him my experience has reached a new level, when it comes to international recruitment and
what are the means and procedures of a recruiter that doesn't limit his vision to a local area such as Oradea.
The search for highly skilled people for the right position in the right moment isn't an easy job, but i think that
working with entrepreneurs such as Cezar in the recruitment area, nothing is impossible."
— Isai Razvan, Vice President Communication & Marketing, AIESEC Oradea, worked with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"I worked with Cezar few years ago when he was still employee of Eclectic International. I appreciated his
working style as recruiter and his attension for details during the recruitment process. I appreciated too his
high level of SAP knowledge who can make the difference between a good recruiter and an weak one,
between success and failure. We kept the liaison during the time and I saw him growing from the professional
point of view. I recommend to all who want a recruiter with experince and quality recruitment services."
— Liviu Andriescu, SAP FICO Consultant, Freelance, was with another company when working with Cezar
at A-SAP Recruitment Company
"Cezar is a hard working and honest person and he always tries his best to achieve his goals. If he continues
like this I see a great future for the "A-SAP International Recruitment" Company."
— Catalin Nastase, ABAP, Acctus, was with another company when working with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"Being a former AIESEC member, Cezar starts with off with a series of benefits: the high added value that
this organization develops in its members, a great contacts network, a practical experience that can probably
only be equaled by working in a multinational company, and first and foremost a set of values and principles
that drive him to make a change for the better everywhere he goes, in every minute of every day. I followed
Cezar's career over the last two years, and have had the pleasure of meeting him at some of the events that
AIESEC organizes. He is, no doubt, one of the models of competency and commitment that others should
follow, and a reference point not only in his primary field of business but also in what it means to live out
one's life with sheer passion and enjoyment for every new challenge or endeavor."
— Bogdan Rusu, Web Developer, Reea Srl, was with another company when working with Cezar at A-SAP
Recruitment Company
"I have been in contact with Cezar for a while before we met in autumn 2009. We have analyzed together
during our meeting A-SAP Recruitment and the opportunities of his company on our market. One thing I can
say for sure: Cezar knows what he is talking about when he speaks about international recruitment. I am
looking forward to do business with him whenever we will have the chance."
— Vlad Bodi, Executive Manager, Code40 Development, was with another company when working with
Cezar at A-SAP Recruitment
"I've known Cezar for a very long time now and I can say he is a very capable and reliable person.
Professionally he is very ambitious, dynamic and dedicated to his work and therefore he had numerous good
results throughout his professional carrier. If you need high quality recruitment services, I strongly
recommend him."
— Dan Pinta, Software Engineer, National Instruments, worked with Cezar at Eclectic
"Cezar is a highly professional recruiter, he has good knowledge of the SAP market.He is a very professional
individual to work with and he has good communications skills and he is proactive related to his clients."
— Cornel Coser, SAP IS-U Team Leader, Distrigaz Sud, was with another company when working with
Cezar at Eclectic
"Cezar is a highly professional recruiter, he has good knowledge of the SAP market and he takes active
interest in mapping your profile to the right opportunities. He is proactively keeps you always informed of the
progress, very professional individual to work with."
— Satish Kumar Renugopal, SAP NetWeaver PI and Enterprise SOA Architect, Accenture, was with
another company when working with Cezar at Eclectic
"I did not have the chance to finalize a job search with Cezar, due to some political issues from my side, but
for the time we discussed, he proved himself very professional, sincere, and what I liked most he was
realistic, and he had a good analytical thinking. He also understood my point and gave me some good ideas ."
— Mariana Voiculescu, was Cezar's client
"I know Cezar as a professional, experienced and skilled international recruiter with a strong knowledge of
the SAP World. Some of his qualities are: pro-activity, sociability and intelligence. I truly recommend it."
— Florin Chira, was Cezar's client
"Cezar is one of the best recruiter I ever met. He has the power to identify the best candidate for the client,
and makes the interview relaxed and enjoyable. He surprised me with his high SAP knowledge, being
passionate of his job, and trying every day to find out news regarding SAP market. Cezar is a great
acquisition for every international company who deserve him."
— George Puscu, was Cezar's client
"I have had the chance and pleasure to know Cezar during an interview. From the beginning he fascinated me
not only with his genuine politeness, but also with his great SAP knowledge and reliable business approach.
In this way I discovered a pro-active international recruiter with open mind and remarkable communication
skills, making the candidate confident and the interview enjoyable, trying to find the best candidate for the
— Elena Puscu, was Cezar's client
"I got to know about Cezar in one of the interviews he tried to get me placed for an international offer. I was
really fascinated by the way he presented the whole lot of fact in front of me for the requirement. I wondered
any recruiter would have the deep knowledge of the skills that Cezar had. He tries to do a lot of research and
networks very well to get things easier for everyone. He is one of the best recruiter I have ever met in my
courier. Thanks Cezar it was really a remarkable experience to have known you."
— Suchitra Purushotham, was Cezar's client
"Hi Cezar"
— Mary Roselind Anand LION, was Cezar's client
"Having worked with Cezar on a regular basis, i especially appreciated his pro-activeness, international
mindset and good knowledge of the market. He was also able to make the link between aspirations and
— Kurt Cogghe, Operations and Delivery manager, LogicaCMG, was with another company when working
with Cezar at Eclectic
"Cezar is a trustworthy person, a great employee and a a professional recruiter. It was a pleasure and a good
experience to collaborate. I hope he will always keep the high standards of professionalism and integrity."
— Marcela Rippel, was Cezar's client
"I came to know Cezar about 2 years ago and since then he continuously proved himself a valuable
professional with great communication skills, proactive and very dedicated to his work. I really appreciate
having him in my network. Best wishes and Good Luck!"
— Cosmin PURCAREA, Business Consultant, BearingPoint - GmbH, was with another company when
working with Cezar at Eclectic
"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Cezar to examine a career opportunity and it was an excellent
experience. He has a good knowledge and understanding on processes behind international recruiting, he is
able to balance customer's expectations and requirements with candidate's profile. His experience in the
environment makes discussion easier, focusing on critical elements, highlighting the fits on the profile and
clarifying the possible gaps. In case I would need a professional consultant for head hunting, I would
definitely consider Cezar as a top candidate."
— Cristina Ghetti, SAP Project manager, Sika Informationssysteme AG, was with another company when
working with Cezar at Eclectic
"I know Cezar to be an intelligent and creative colleague, very passionate about his work. He is goal oriented
and contributes to business improvements pro-actively. Furthermore Cezar can build a professional network
from scratch quickly and is higly service oriented towards both clients and candidates."
— Ankie van der Put, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Eclectic International, managed Cezar at Eclectic
"I had the opportunity to work with Cezar when I decided to make a change in my professional life. I can tell
that I was very pleasant surprised by his strong knowledge of SAP incorporate with a high professional level
as recruiter, It was a pleasure to work with him and now is a pleasure to recommend him."
— Liviu Andriescu, SAP CO Consultant, Freelancer, was with another company when working with Cezar
at Eclectic
"Cezar is a very active SAP recruiter, very cood communicator, with international experience. I strongly
recommend hem as an international SAP recruiter."
— Oana Lascar, SAP FI consultant, The Red Point, was with another company when working with Cezar at
"I did not have the chance to work with Cezar for a longer time. We only had a discussion some time ago
about SAP career opportunities in Romania and in Europe. My impression was positive and I appreciate the
fact that Cezar has a good knowledge of the SAP world and he was able to understand my career goals."
— George Guiu, SAP Senior Consultant, Sistec SBSol, was with another company when working with Cezar
at Eclectic
"Cezar is a profesional Recruiter with deep knowledge of IT and SAP world. I recommend him with
— Irina Voinea, SAP consultant, The Red Point, was with another company when working with Cezar at
"My first contact with Cezar was February 2008 during a conversation related to SAP job opportunities in the
Netherlands. As part of the Eclectic team Cezar was not only interested in placing a candidate for one of his
clients but also in trying to make sure that the position would fit the requirements of the candidate as much as
possible. Due to his open mind, great communication skills and knowledge he was able to help consultants
not only from the Netherlands but also from other countries as Chile, India, and Poland to find great
opportunities in the Netherlands and to pursue not only a new career but also a new life. During my later
interactions with Cezar, I learned that he is not only passionate about the job that he does but also about the
social welfare of other countries. Due to his international exposure and openness he is supporting the cause of
other people struggling to improve their lives via various social networking tools. Even though I have never
had the opportunity to work with Cezar in a team, I believe he would make a great colleague, being
supportive, focused and optimistic as he is."
— Cristina Vangheli, was Cezar's client
"I have had the pleasure to know Cezar for almost an year now and I was impressed from the beginning by
his communication skills and willingness to help others. With a vast international exposure, excellent culture
knowledge and with great people skills, I highly recommend Cezar to any company that will hire him."
— Ovidiu Lutea (CSM), Senior Test Engineer, ZyLAB, was with another company when working with
Cezar at Eclectic
"Cezar is a very good and customer oriented recruiter. He is very friendly, helpful and makes things going on.
I strongly recommend Cezar to everyone who plans to find the new job! I also recommend Cezar as the
employee - I believe he can be a very good advisor since he can both: listen and advice."
— Magda Kotarba, Business Analyst, Dole, was with another company when working with Cezar at
"Cezar is a profesional Recruiter with deep knowledge of SAP world. His attitude and communication skills
brings a new challeges and chances to everyone."
— Slawomir Konieczek, SAP Basis Consultant, Siemens, was with another company when working with
Cezar at Eclectic
"I have always recommended Eclectic to all my friends and colleague who are looking for job opportunity
with a note that "Please speak to Cezar only". He has a excellent capability to read your mind and undersrtand
your concern and thus will go beyond his capability to ensure complete satisfaction."
— Adnan Malik, was Cezar's client
"Cezar is a positive thinking, pro-active, responsive and experienced professional. It was always easy to
discuss any business opportunities together and find great chances for both sides. I would recommend
everybody to work with Cezar in the field of recruitment."
— Denis Romanovsky, Director of Engineering, Minsk Office, Artezio, was with another company when
working with Cezar at Eclectic
"I received an excellent service of Cezar regarding recruitment in my new job. I recommend him and his
company Eclectic somebody are looking for a new job."
— Paula Arellano, was Cezar's client
"I do higly recommend Cezar about his commitment, customer focussed and delighting customer. Execellent
in communication. I do appreciate his way of communication and handling the interviews. Nice to work with
him. I have already recommended him to my colleagues as result oriented successfull recruiter"
— Sundara Chinnathambi, was Cezar's client
"It's a pleasure recomending Cezar as an international recruter on SAP market. Cezar is very involved in the
recruitment process, proactive, trying to satisfy both the employer and future employees. His comunication
skills, good knowledge of the SAP market and dedication maked the time spent in the recruitment process to
be a pleasure. All the best!"
— Mihai Baros, SAP Consultant, IBM, was with another company when working with Cezar at Catalyst
"Beyond the friendly figure and genuine politeness, Mr. Cezar Maroti is very dedicated and responsible in his
profession. He is communicative and manages to create an interview atmosphere both relaxing an productive.
With a considerable SAP knowledge and its impact in local and international market, he focuses on
materializing candidate's skills, abilities and passions into real projects. I would highly recommend Mr. Cezar
Maroti as a top international recruiter."
— Botez Malina, SAP/ABAP developer, Siemens IT Solutions and Services, was with another company when
working with Cezar at Catalyst Solutions
"Great to be part of Cezar's trusted network! Always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a
consummate professional like you! Highly recommend to all others. Thank you."
— Steven Burda, MBA, Founder & President, Burda Consulting Co., was with another company when
working with Cezar at Catalyst Solutions
"I had the opportunity to work with Cezar in 2007 and I discovered him as good professional, with a great
results-oriented nature and a big focus on quality. He always delivered his work with excellence and he also
enabled others to deliver. He is a leader in what he does and he holds a lot of mastery in his area of expertise.
As a person, Cezar is always in great spirits and fun to have around. He really cheered up the office, gave a
worm feeling to work and energized the team. It would be a pleasure to work with him again."
— Andreea Marinescu, PMP, Project Manager www.hipo.ro, Catalyst, worked directly with Cezar at
Catalyst Solutions
"I would like to recommend Cezar as being a great colleague and a good coach. We have worked together
during the semestrial international cultural preparation conference with more than 200 atendants organized
through AIESEC and during the National Congress organized for the leading teams of AIESEC. In both
occasions, Cezar brought an enormous added value through his optimistic view and through his ability to
organize the work of his team. He has a good ability of combining a strategic view with a positive way of
thinking, which I think are major success keys for any kind of team."
— Roxana Ionita, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, AIESEC, worked indirectly for Cezar at Catalyst Solutions,
"I worked with Cezar for almost 1 year at Catalyst Solutions. I can say that during these period I have learned
a lot from him, especially on SAP related profiles. He is an excellent recruiter, that has a deep understanding
of the positions he is recruiting on. Besides his professional profile he is an excellent colleague, who knows
how to make the work environment pleasant and enjoyable. Has a very well developed sense of humor. I
strongly recommend Cezar, especially if you need IT&C, SAP candidates."
— Tibi Borza, Senior Recruitment and Selection Consultant, Catalyst Solutions, worked directly with Cezar
at Catalyst Solutions, Bucharest
"I worked with Cezar for 2 years in AIESEC Romania. Cezar had proved to be a valuable asset to the
organization, having an important contribution to the growth of the overall results of AIESEC Romania by
almost 100% during 2002-2004. He is results driven and takes initiative. He demonstrated responsibility and
determination. If you need any more information, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give you more
— Dragos Gheban, Vice President AIESEC Romania, AIESEC Romania, managed Cezar at Catalyst
Solutions, Bucharest
"This recommendation will bring me most pleasure. Cezar was for me and for a big part of AIESEC Romania
the model to inspire from. He would manage to bring whole new ideas and perspectives and through his
enthusiasm he would bring the people to embrace his visions whit great belief. For Cezar there are always
more than one way to solve a problem and for him the smallest goal would be the highest possible. If you
would have the opportunity to work with Cezar or to have him around you should definitely take it. Whit
great appreciation, Iulian Ifrim"
— Iulian Ifrim, Finance Director, AIESEC Romania, worked directly with Cezar at AIESEC Romania
"Cezar is one of the most international, passionate and pro-active people I have met so far. His leadership and
creativity brought great results to the projects he was part of, mainly in AIESEC where I had the pleasure to
work with him. I higly recommend Cezar for his professionalism and his capacity to achieve his goals."
— Ana Maria Bazu, Trainee Account Associate, Google, was with another company when working with
Cezar at AIESEC Romania
"I had the chance and great pleasure to work with Cezar Maroti as a Vice President Outgoing Exchange
Program within AIESEC (Iasi, Romania) for 2 years. AIESEC, is a student organisation that has its basis on
high quality exchange programs. Between 2002 and 2004, our Local Committee acknowledged a very high
increased of Romanian students sent to various places in the world. In all this, there is a recruitment process
involved and I remember that as a Vice President, Cezar started and founded the first Assessment Center in
our Local Committee. During his time and after his departure, the results of his great dedication and passion
for doing everything right became visible.Our Local Committee received National and International gratitude,
Gold certificates for the quality of the program delivered. Cezar is intelligent, responsible and trustworthy. I
feel confident to say that he is a great person from whom I can always learn. Magda Pasat"
— Magda Pasat, Member, Conference Organiser, Team Leader,, AIESEC Iasi, Romania, reported to Cezar
at AIESEC Romania
"To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to recommend Mr. Cezar Maroti, as National Vice President
in AIESEC Romania. During his year at AIESEC Romania, one of the main responsibilities of Cezar was the
recruitment of student for the international internship program. In his title of National Vice President I was
always impressed by the tremendous creativity and impressive efficiency in attracting and recruiting students
and young professionals for the program. He had an evident talent for identifying the right people and he
proved great deal of focus for meeting dead lines. Considering all the above, I always considered that Cezar is
a natural talent when it comes to recruitment. Kindly yours, Geanina Rindasu TCM Romania Lead, Hewitt
Insight Romania"
— Geanina Rindasu, National Vice President Development, AIESEC Romania, worked with Cezar at
AIESEC Romania
"Working with Cezar as coordinators for Exchange program in AIESEC was the first but not the single time
we worked together. We were also colleagues at Catalyst Recruitment Solutions. I have to say that in both
cases he proved his passion and determination in reaching his goals. He was ambitious but his actions were
always completed by his human touch, managing to build a strong team around him. Last but not least, he had
a strong intuition in discovering and developing talents."
— Alis Brebu, VP Outgoing Exchange +Member, AIESEC, reported to Cezar at AIESEC Romania
"Cezar is one of the most passionate people that I know. This passion was easily seen during the recruitment
period in AIESEC Romania. Through his vision and strategy measures, he managed to attract, select and
retain a great generation of people and to advise them to pursue their own path beautifully."
— Andreea Dobre, Vice-President Marketing, AIESEC Iasi, worked indirectly for Cezar at AIESEC
"Cezar is proactive and innovative in his work. Being driven team player it is a pleasure to work with him.
Cezar has proven himself as a valuable leader in the organization and has brought a lot of value both at
strategic and administrative level of his work."
— Alina Buzgar, Local Committee President - Timisoara, AIESEC Romania, worked with Cezar at AIESEC
"Cezar is very hard-working and an excellent teamwork facilitator. As an AIESEC member, in all the
succession of positions he held, he always proved to be very goal-orietend and ambitious in reaching those
— Alexandra Linde-Dunmire, Professional offline demo developer, SAP AG, worked directly with Cezar at
AIESEC Romania
"I met Cezar when we were both members of AIESEC Romania - I remember him as a dedicated person,
focused on his duties and motivated to make things work the best way possible. In 2005 when Cezar was
member of the National Committee of AIESEC in Romania I needed his support and he gave it to me in a
very professional manner and as a friend. I consider Cezar a very reliable person and a true friend."
— Rada Sonea, Member, AIESEC Romania, worked directly with Cezar at AIESEC Romania
"I have known Cezar since he was a student and an active volunteer in AIESEC and afterwards we have been
working in related industries in the capital of Romania. For any venture he decides to undertake, I strongly
recommend Cezar as a team player with an out of the box aproach and a strong drive in putting his ideas to
— Victor Dornescu, Corporate Account Director, RINF, was with another company when working with
Cezar at AIESEC Romania
"Cezar is an excellent team player, very enthusiastic about his goals and about the work he conducts to reach
— Madalin Dobre, Alumni Responsible & Partnerships Manager, AIESEC Romania, worked with Cezar at
AIESEC Romania
"When I used to work with him, Cezar Maroti was a very good manager. While he was coordinator of his
own area at a national level he steped up and always demanded more from the people from his team. The
most imortant thing about a manager and also the way you measure one's activity is plain results and Cezar
had plenty. AIESEC Romania experienced a consistent growth of the number of exchanges while he was
Vice-President. I fully endorse Cezar and his activity and congratulate him for being the best MCVPOGX
— Gregor TEODORESCU, Project manager, trainer, recruiter, national support team, AIESEC, worked
indirectly for Cezar at AIESEC Romania
"Cezar is a passionate individual always looking to explore his potential and to motivate others to do the
same. While working with Cezar in AIESEC Iasi, I was impressed by his powerful vision and ability to rally
people around his ideas. Cezar is a high-caliber achiever and one of the greatest colleagues I have ever
worked with."
— Andreea Negoescu, Marketing Associate, AIESEC, worked directly with Cezar at AIESEC
"During my student years I often interacted with Cezar. He helped me, as AIESEC Iasi Exchange
Coordinator, obtain an internship in Italy. I liked his dedication for all the exchange projects he was involved
in (and in particular for mine). I didn't work with Cezar after that but I believe that he kept his enthusiasm for
matching people and companies. I think he will perform well in any recruitment position."
— Bogdan Mirauta, Student, Universitatea 'Alexandru Ioan Cuza' din Iasi, worked directly with Cezar at
"I've been working with Cezar in AIESEC Iasi while he was Vicepresident for OutGoingExchange
department. During his assignement he proved a high commitment to the objectives accomplishment, being
able to meet and more than that, to exceed everyone's expectations in terms of results.Thanks to Cezar, our
Local commitee managed to obtain one of the AIESEC National prizes for Exchange activity. Cezar is also
an innovative person, very smart, as he always finds the right methods to solve a dilemma. He is a great
person to work with, a talent in terms of people management, always having the good methods to motivate
and empower people.I remember that his team was always motivated, noisy and ready to reach a new
objective. I know Cezar as communicative person, easily socializing with new people, open to international
experiences, a great team worker and a fast learner. I strongly recommend Cezar for both an expert individual
contributor job and people manager."
— Claudia Teodorescu, AIESEC, AIESEC, worked with Cezar at AIESEC

Cezar Maroti,
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