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The key to winning the new war for talent - International Recruitment

posted May 18, 2011, 4:31 AM by Cezar Maroti   [ updated May 18, 2011, 4:53 AM ]
We are on the eve of a new war for talent.

The unemployment is dropping in most countries around the world. The companies are starting to hire again. At the moment there are many talented people available and the recruiters are able to fill the pipe-line without significant problems. However, this will not last very long. Soon the competition for talent will start to intensify. And the key to winning this war for talent will be the international approach.

Besides the obvious reason of intensified competition, here are some reasons why an international approach to recruitment is important.

1. The IT functions are even more specialized than they used to be several years ago. This will make it even harder for recruiters to find valuable employees in their region. 

2. Centralized IT service centers are a good strategy for increasing efficiency. Many global companies have this approach and now a big part of the IT work is done in such centers which serve internal clients all-over the world. This is why the atmosphere inside these centralized centers needs to be international. An international environment is only possible with international employees.

3. The number of IT graduates in the developing world is higher than in the Western Europe or North America. Universities in the developing countries have improved a lot and their graduates are now able to compete on the same level with their peers from the western universities.

4. Technical people are increasingly harder to find in the developed world. Technical work is not easy, so most of the people tend to prefer less technical roles, especially if there is less work and the compensation is equal if not even higher.

5. Even though the salary gap starts to narrow, there are still important differences between the salaries of the IT people in different countries. So international recruitment can offer a win-win solution: the employer is happy for paying a slightly lower salary to an international candidate and the employee is happy for having a better salary than in his home country.

6. When the outsourcing and the nearsourcing trends started to gain ground more than a decade ago, the first employees in the developing world were juniors without prior experience in large global projects. Now, after more than a decade these first employees gained a lot of experience and now are as experienced as the managers and the consultants in the Western world.

7. A lot of governments are now offering incentives for high skilled migrants. Some countries offer tax discounts (for example in the Netherlands the first 30% of the income is tax free). Other countries (including US, UK, Canada) have made the immigration process easier for talented people with skills that are in high demand. As most of the skills in the IT sector are in high demand, these facilities will apply to the majority of the IT candidates.

This is why recruiters have to work at international level in order to take advantage of this new trends and not to loose valuable candidates.

A-SAP Recruitment is a recruitment agency that is aware of all these trends. This is why, rather than focusing on a specific location we are focusing on specific industries and jobs. We work with clients from all-over the world and we help them to recruit the most suitable candidates for the IT positions.