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List of SAP Modules - keywords for SAP jobs/titles functional and technical

posted Nov 18, 2010, 1:04 PM by Cezar Maroti   [ updated Nov 28, 2010, 12:42 AM ]
In the recruitment world most of the people still use the "old" names of the SAP technologies.
In the recent years SAP AG has changed the names of the SAP Solutions.
This is why the old names of the modules are not so relevant anymore in the world of SAP implementation and upgrade project teams. 
But in the conversation with the recruiters they are still pretty useful.
I think that it could be interesting to have a list of all the components as they are still known by the IT and SAP recruiters.
Most of the SAP jobs will have some of these keywords in the title or in the description

Functional components

Financial - FICO
SAP FI - Financial Accounting 
SAP CO - Controlling
SAP EC - Enterprise Controlling
SAP AM - Asset Management 
SAP EAM - Enterprise Asset Management
SAP TR - Treasury
SAP IM - capital Investment Management
SAP GL - General Ledger
SAP AP - Accounts Payable
SAP AR - Account Receivable)
SAP AA - Asset Accounting
SAP LC - Legal Consolidation
SAP FM - Funds Management
SAP BL - Bank-related Accounting
SAP TR-CB - Cash Budget Management
SAP TR-MRM - Market Risk Management
SAP TR-CM - Cash Management
SAP TR-LO - Loans Management
SAP TR-TM - Treasury Management

Human Resources - HR
SAP HR - Human Resource
SAP PA - Personnel Administration 
SAP PD - Personnel planning and Development
SAP PA-APP - Applicant Management
SAP PA-BEN - Benefits
SAP PA-EMP - Employee Management
SAP PA-INW - Incentive wages
SAP PA-PAY - Payroll
SAP PA-TIM - Time Management
SAP PA-TRV - Travel Expenses
SAP PD-OM - Organizational Management
SAP PD-RPL - Room Reservations Planning
SAP PD-WFP - Workforce Planning
SAP PD-SCM - Seminar and Convention Management
SAP PD-PD - Personnel development.

Logistic and Manufacturing - Mainly SD/MM
SAP MM - Material Management
SAP MRP - Materials Requirement Planning
SAP ML - Material Ledger
SAP SD - Sales & Distribution
SAP PP - Production Planning
SAP DS - Detailed Scheduling
SAP LO - General Logistics
SAP SM - Service Management
SAP PM - Plant Maintenance 
SAP LE - Logistic Execution
SAP MM-PUR - Purchasing
SAP MM-IM - Inventory Management
SAP MM-WM - Warehouse Management
SAP MM-IV - Invoice Verification
SAP MM-IS - Information System
SAP MM-CBP - Consumption Based Planning
SAP MM-EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
SAP SD-MD - Master Data
SAP SD-CAS - Sales Support
SAP SD-SLS - Sales
SAP SD-SHP - Shipping
SAP SD-TR - Transportation
SAP SD-BIL - Billing
SAP SD-SIS - Sales Information System
SAP SD-EDI - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
SAP SD-GF General Sales Functions
SAP PP-SOP - Sales and Operations Planning
SAP PP-CRP - Capacity Requirement Planning
SAP PP-MP - Master planning
SAP PP-ATO - Assembly orders
SAP PP-BD - Basic Data
SAP PP-IS - Information System
SAP PP-KAB - Kanban/Just-in-Time
SAP PP-MRP - Material Requirements Planning
SAP PP-PDC - Plant Data Collection
SAP PP-PI - Production Planning for Process Industries
SAP PP-REM - Repetitive Manufacturing
SAP PP-SFC - Production orders
SAP PM-EQM - Equipment and Technical Objects
SAP PM-IS - PM Information System
SAP PM-PRM - Preventive Maintenance
SAP PM-PRO - Maintenance Projects
SAP PM-SM - Service Management
SAP PM-WOC - Maintenance Orders Management
SAP LO-AB-TC - Trading Contract
SAP LO-BM - Batches
SAP LO-ECH - Engineering Change Management 
SAP LO-EHS - Environment Management
SAP LO-EWB - Engineering Workbench
SAP LO-HU - Handling Unit Management
SAP LO-LIS - Logistics Information System
SAP LO-MAP - Merchandise & Assortment Planning
SAP LO-MD - Logistics Basic Data
SAP LO-MDS - Merchandise Distribution
SAP LO-PDM - Product Data Management
SAP LO-PR - Forecast
SAP LO-RIS - Retail Information System
SAP LO-SCI - Supply Chain Planning Interface
SAP LO-SRS - Retail Store
SAP LO-VC - Variant Configuration

Product Life Cycle Management - PLM 
SAP QM - Quality Management
SAP QM-QP - Quality Planning
SAP QM-IM - Quality Inspection processing
SAP QM-QC-AQC - Quality control
SAP QM-IT - Test equipment management
SAP QM-QN - Quality notifications
SAP QM-CA - Quality certificates
SAP PS - Project System
SAP DMS - Document Management System
SAP PPM - Project and Portfolio Management 
SAP EHS - Environment, Health and Safety
SAP PLM_RM - Recipe Management
SAP PLM-AM - Audit Management
SAP QM-CR - General functions
SAP QM-PT-RP - Control in logistics
SAP PLM400 - Quality Management
SAP LO170 - Quality Management
SAP PLM405 - Quality Inspections
SAP LO705 - Quality Inspections
SAP PLM410 - Quality Notifications
SAP LO710 - Quality Notifications
SAP PLM425 - QM in Sales and Distribution
SAP LO725 - Quality Certificates
SAP PS-CAF - Payments
SAP PS-CON - Confirmation
SAP PS-COS - Costs
SAP PS-CRP - Resources
SAP PS-DAT - Dates
SAP PS-DOC - Documents
SAP PS-IS - Information System
SAP PS-MAT - Material
SAP PS-PRG - Progress
SAP PS-REV - Revenues and Earnings
SAP PS-SIM - Simulation
SAP PS-ST - Structures
SAP PS-VER - Versions

Cross Application (X-Apps) 
SAP xApp for Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence
SAP APO - Advanced Planner and Optimizer
SAP Live Cache
SAP WF - Workflow
SAP BW- Business Warehouse
SAP BIW - Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
SAP Analytics
SAP xPD - Product Definition

Governance, Risk, and Compliance - SAP GRC
SAP Virsa
SAP CPM - Corporate Performance Management
SAP SEM - Strategic Enterprise Management
SAP Strategy Management
SAP Business Planning and Simulation
SAP Credit Management

Technical components

SAP Basis
SAP BC - BASIS Components 

ABAP - Advanced Business Application Programming

NetWeaver "Business Process Management" apps
SAP KMC - Knowledge Management & Collaboration
SAP DMS - Document Management Service
SAP CMS - Content Management Service
SAP XI - Exchange Infrastructure
SAP PI - Process Integration
SAP EP - Enterprise Portal

IS (Information Systems) Management 
SAP CCMS - Computing Center Mgmt System
SAP MDM - Master Data Management
SAP BC-CCM-ADK - Archiving Development Kit
SAP CCM-API - Application Program Interfaces
SAP CCM-BTC - Background Processing
SAP CCM-CNF - Configuration
SAP CCM-HAV - High Availability
SAP CCM-MON - Monitoring
SAP CCM-PRN - Print and Output Management
SAP MDM100 - Master Data Management
SAP MDM300 - MDM Print Publishing
SAP MDM400 - MDM Data Modeling


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