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About Qual-IT-y Solutions

posted Nov 2, 2010, 5:42 AM by Cezar Maroti   [ updated Nov 22, 2010, 1:43 PM ]
Starting with October 2010, A-SAP International Recruitment started a partnership with Qual-IT-y Solutions.

Qual-IT-y Solutions is since 2001 specialized in recruitment of IT professionals. Candidates are becoming scarce and the market increasingly international. A trend that we have been following for a decade. 

From our office in the Netherlands and our search center in Slovakia we can fill any vacancy, either a single and target driven vacancy in the short term as well as large outsourcing projects.

"We search where others stop" .The typical applicant in job portals slowly disappears. Actively searching and approaching candidates is becoming the key factor to successful fulfillment of vacancies. We know how to find the right people for you.


Our focus is quick and successful fulfillment of your IT position. 
Through our extensive experience, use of right tools and resources we can truly understand your vacancy and deliver the right candidate in time. Recruitment is our passion, a profession in which we are leading. We think along with your expectations and we adapt our strategy to your situation. We customize methods and we deliver to competitive rates.


The labor market is getting tighter and more international. Recruiting good staff is difficult and forces businesses to make choices. What differentiates your company from competitors, why would a professional choose to work for your company while he/she can do the same as free lancer.
There is a good chance that you cannot answer all these questions. 
Qual-IT-y Solutions challenges you to think about these questions.
Strong recruitment is your distinctive vision.

Our Logo

Charles Darwin discovered on the Galapagos islands that the beak of a finch adapts to the available food on the island. He concluded that different finch species evolved from one common type. Adaptivity, creativity and intelligence fit well with the Qual-IT-y Solutions. This explains the finch of Darwin in our logo.