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Contract Manager - Monaco

posted Sep 18, 2013, 2:46 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 18, 2013, 2:47 AM ]

For a global company based in the Netherlands specialized in offshore oil and gas systems and services we are looking for a Contract Manager for a permanent position in Monaco.


• Identifying and exploiting new commercial opportunities.
• Maximizing profitability and minimizing commercial risks.
• Challenging and optimizing the cost bases.
• Protecting revenues by favorably negotiating commercial claims, disputes, penalties and losses. Record lessons learned.
• Strengthening Contract and Subcontract management.

Main Tasks

• Maintain a summary of ongoing commercial issues and provide guidance to the Management and the contract holders.
• Lead contract negotiations with Clients, subcontractors and suppliers.
• Develop subcontracting strategy; ensure a consistent approach when negotiating contracts with major subcontractors.
• Develop requests for quotations, analyze offers, and assist with commercial clarifications.
• Analyze cost-bases and take action to reduce cost.
• Optimize work procedure.
• Identify and propose cost savings.
• Review and identify downtime, penalty and loss reasons, develop proposals to reduce them.
• Improve performance of incentive schemes.
• Contract management.
• Review incentives in current contracts with a view to propose new incentives.
• Propose variations to existing contracts in order to increase scope and compensation.
• Manage claims and change processes on the Operating Fleet.
• Generally manage the change process both with the client and with sub-contractor by formulating and negotiating variations with the Client.
• Keep track of lessons learned on operating units and feed them into the contract qualifications for new projects.
• Identify opportunities for change orders or variations.

If interested in this job please send your resume/CV in editable format (word, open office) to
Please also give me an indication of your financial expectations  if possible.

Mobile: +40 757 280 948